Possible Types of Violence

Violence can occur in many various forms, which results in different types of damages and consequences for the individual. These can be material or economic consequences, e.g. after a burglary, damage to health, but also severe damage to mental health.

In the following you will find a list of the different types of acts of violence. This list is not a definite list:

Physical Violence

Physical violence is bodily harm against a person. There are several degrees of severity of bodily harm. Additionally, certain constellations in which bodily harm occur are accounted for in the criminal code. There is

  • Causing bodily harm
  • Causing bodily harm by dangerous means
  • Causing grievous bodily harm
  • Infliction of bodily harm causing death
  • Taking part in a brawl
  • Abuse of position of trust

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Sexual Violence

Sexual Violence is every offence against sexual self-determination of a person. This includes

  • Abuse of position of trust
  • Sexual abuse of prisoners, patients and institutionalised persons
  • Child abuse
  • Sexual assault by use of force or threats; rape
  • Causing minors to engage in sexual activity

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Mental Violence

Mental violence is a very subtle form of violence, which comes in many different forms and is often difficult to recognize. This includes statements, behaviour and attitudes, which insult, disparage, overstrain and otherwise make a person feel worthless.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a broad term including different types of applied violence. It is defined by its violation of the home as a safe space and the violence is generally directed toward the partner or the children. This includes Physical Violence and Sexual Violence in the relational or familial constellation.


Stalking is an unlawful act in which a person’s lifestyle is seriously infringed upon by various means.

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