Possibilities of financial compensation

People, which were harmed by an intentional offence, have the possibility to receive state services based on the Opferentschädigungsgesetzt (OEG).

If and within which framework these services will be provided, varies from case to case. Costs for medical treatments, pension for the damaged (Beschädigtenrente) as well as services for the surviving dependants can be included, whereas there is no compensation for personal suffering (Schmerzensgeld), material damage or pecuniary loss.

In any case an application needs to be handed in at the responsible pension office in order to receive care. A lot of the advisory centres that you can find on this site can assist you in doing so. You will also be informed about the necessary requirements for an application there. For example the affected person hast to have done everything within their reason to clarify the circumstances.

Regardless of the OEG there are a couple of foundations and institutions that provide financial aid to the persons affected by criminal offences. The Weiße Ring e.V. can distribute checks that enable initial consultations with lawyers or psychologists as well as a forensic examination free of charge. Financial support in cases of economic plights can also be provided by such foundations and institutions.

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